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15th August 2022 
FAQ #01

CBT Psychotherapy and Counselling in Canary Wharf - Frequently Asked Questions

CBT Psychotherapy and Counselling in Canary Wharf offers CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, humanistic and integrative therapy by male or female Chartered Psychologists from Monday to Saturday during and after working hours.

During the first session a psychologist will help the client decide on the most suitable course of therapy taking into account the nature of his/her issues, goals, preferences and expectations.

Fees are 80 for self-paying clients and 90 for insurances and institutions per session.
Special rates may apply to students or low-income clients.

The sessions are normally weekly but after an initial period can become bi-monthly.

If requested by a client,telephone consultations can be arranged, after some initial face-to-face sessions.

Counselling Psychotherapy in Canary Wharf, London, also offers its services to couples and families.

For an appointment or an informal and confidential conversation, leave a message or send a text on 07799 768327 or click here to e mail us